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World Book Day

During World Book Day we all enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters. In Cherry class we spent the day exploring the book "Wolves in the walls" by Neil Gaiman

We tracked our emotions through the story on an emotions graph and we noticed that we all experienced similiar excitment and sadness in the story. 

We also discussed what we enjoyed and about the story and what we wondered. 

After a little bit of practising we read some stories with wolves in them to Willow class (year 1 and 2) 

Finally we explored how wolves are represented in stories and we discovered there are a lot of bad wolves in stories but also some very nice ones too. 

"I really enjoyed world book day and parading around the playground in my costume" Alexia

" I had fun exploring our theme of wolves in stories" Audrey

I love dressing up on world book day" Finn

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