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Eco Warriors – What we’ve been up to.

Once again we have joined forces with the local community and taken part in the woodland tree planting scheme.  We have helped to replace all the dead trees in the 2021 planting area along low road in the village. The weather was kind to us and we managed to get all the trees planted during the afternoon.

We are focusing on how different materials are recycled and the importance of recycling. We are getting the whole school to get on board to collect and recycle as many batteries as possible – There is a chance to win some amazing prizes for our school too! Every child was sent home with their own battery recycling box and an activity booklet to complete and return to school. As a school we have collected 1148 batteries and saved them from going to landfill. Eco group is going to make sure that they are recycled. 


Road Safety Officers

So far this year, the Junior Road Safety Officers have been working hard to promote the importance of road safety across our school and our community. 

We were very lucky to have won the ‘Clean Air Day 2021’ competition, due to the hard work from the previous year's JRSO team. This meant that this year's road safety officers received 5 sets of: scooters, helmets and safety equipment for our school, kindly donated as a prize from Suffolk Roadsafe. 

They have conducted assemblies on  ‘Be safe, be seen at halloween’ and ‘How to stay safe on and around the roads’ where they focused on what to do and not to do to keep them safe as well as giving them the chance to tell us what they know about being safe. 

In relation to our assemblies, we have also carried out 2 competitions so far. For KeyStage Two, they had to: answer questions relating to our presentation on being safe at Halloween. Another competition was to design a poster that we could place around the community to encourage road users and pedestrians to be careful and aware of each other on the roads. 

For KeyStage One, they had to: colour in a school child to show how they could be seen while walking in the dark. Their next competition was to spot the dangers, this challenged them to look at the characters in the picture to see which one were at risk. 

Starting after Christmas, the JRSO team wanted to give the whole school the chance to use the Scooters. So every Wednesday lunchtime, they take a group of 5 children to come and have a go on the scooters. We teach them about the importance of head protection and how to use the scooters safely. They even throw some challenges in there for them on how to safely turn corners as well as how to stop effectively. It’s our aim by the end of the school year for every child in the school to have had a go on a scooter, giving them all a chance to understand the importance of being safe. 


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Health and Safety Committee

Fire wardens have had been doing lots of exciting things over the past year. We started the year off talking about things we would like to cover this academic year. Here are a few things we have done:

  • Produced a fire safety leaflet, we researched what a good information leaflet would need to have.
  • We over saw a fire alarm practice making sure everyone was safely out in less than three minutes and that everyone had brought their first aid, medications and the emergency procedure folder. This was the first test of our newly installed fire alarms. 
  • Checked all fire exits were clear.
  • Mrs Allen and Miss Ashford ask group to help produce a lock down policy for the school. Making a card for each class. Once we had the first draft ready, we invited Mr Kay (chair of Governors) to come and look through the policy and amend if needed. Once approved we then led an assembly to fill in all staff and pupils of the new policy.
  • Extinguishers check.
  • Emergency lights check.
  • We lead an assembly on fire safety to the whole school to help raise awareness of keeping safe at home and school. 

The fire wardens did a fire safety activity with classes, first they explained to Oak class what their job as fire wardens entails: fire drills, emergency light testing, lockdown drills, fire drills as well as safety talks. Today's assembly was Bubble Escape. We put  the children into groups and they had to crawl along a sheet whilst the fire wardens blew bubbles, this was to give the same effect as smoke. They then had to get as low as they could and get from one side of the room to the other without letting the bubbles touch them. We told the children that if they were ever in a building that was on fire (very, very unlikely) and there was lots of smoke they needed to get down as low as they can because smoke rises. Oak Class did really well and enjoyed the lesson. We did Willow and Cherry over the next couple of weeks and we will do Ash class next week. Quote of the day " Stay low, get go" Which one of the Oak Class children came up with.

Report by Rose and Tegan

Ethos group

The Ethos group is committed to promoting and embedding our school values throughout all aspects of school. Each half term we promote a value through activities around our school prayer tree.

The whole school gathered to enjoy the bible story describing the beginning of creation retold by the open the book team. Children from year 3 and 4 were able to take part in the acting and retelling of this bible story.

I really enjoyed helping open the book and holding up the flowers. It was fun to learn about the beginning of creation. Audrey.

I enjoyed listening and learning about Christian’s beliefs about Creation. – Jayden.

We have also introduced some prayer activities in our outdoor reflective area,  including rubbish thoughts where we can write down any bad thoughts we have and throw them away in the wheel barrow. Another activity is hopeful hopscotch when you land on different numbers you could read a hopeful verse from the bible. It is becoming a quiet place in school where we can go and think and reflect. 

"I really enjoyed drawing my bad thoughts and then screwing them up and putting them in the rubbish."

"I enjoyed being in the prayer space and the activities made me think about myself."

"The prayer space gave me time to stop and reflect on things." 

Sports Committee

Sports leaders this year are actively helping to organise and run lunchtime activities. They have taken responsiblity for putting out equipment and setting up games. Everyone is enjoying the variety of activities that they can join in with during the week. 

Spring term football challenge -This term the sports leaders have held a football challenge. They wanted to encourage everyone to practise the PE Values during the activities they had planned. At the end of the week they presented certifcates to children who had demonstrated one or more of the PE Values. 


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