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Attendance Information

The Governoring Body is firm in the belief that all pupils have the right to an excellent education, delivered in an environment that values each of them as an individual and creates aspirational opportunities for them. Also part of our aims is to ensure that all pupils within the schools  achieve highly, so we recognise the importance of good attendance.  The Governing Body also seeks to work to ensure that our schools  become centres of excellence, leading to high achievement for all pupils with no significant gaps in attainment or progress between different groups.


 If your child is ever absent from school, we ask you to phone us or talk to us before 9am to let us know why your child is absent. 

The number to phone is: 01986 784205

Where there is an unexplained absence at school, we will always follow this up with a phone call to find out why your child is absent and when we can expect them to return.

It is essential we know why your children are not in school in order to work together to keep them safe and well. 

Mrs Allen and Miss Ashford are available to help with any attendance support. You can make an appointment and we will do all we can to help. 

Please find below our attendance policy. Because we take attendance very seriously here at Bramfeld, we will only authorise absence for reasons other than medical in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

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